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December 01, 2004

Translate released

Changes from

Small extension that translates web pages (via toolbar button) or selected text (via context menu) from and to different languages. Uses BabelFish and Google translation engines. Works only with Firefox 0.9+.


Posted by Paul Grave at 22:19

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I was wondering if there is a way with the translate extension to force the new bablfish tab to come to the front after you select some text and translate it?


Posted by: Paul Jackson at December 2, 2004 08:19 AM


great tool, but it doesn`t work with Firefox 1.0!

Best G.

Posted by: G. at December 2, 2004 04:28 PM

great tool, but it doesn`t work with Firefox 1.0!
Is there any Update next time?

Best G.

Posted by: G. at December 2, 2004 04:30 PM

I've tested in a blank profile and everything works fine.

Posted by: Paul Grave at December 2, 2004 05:26 PM

It doesnt work when trying to view a german ebay page e.g something that someone is selling..

German -> english

it cuts off some of the page and i get this:

Ungültiger Artikel

Der angeforderte Artikel ( ) ist entweder ungültig, noch nicht verfügbar oder nicht mehr in der Datenbank vorhanden. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Nummer und versuchen Sie es noch einmal. Wenn Sie diese Meldung weiterhin erhalten, hat entweder das Angebot für diesen Artikel noch nicht begonnen, so dass der Artikel noch nicht angezeigt werden kann, oder der Artikel ist abgelaufen und nicht mehr verfügbar.

Posted by: Kris at December 2, 2004 06:51 PM

I don't do the actual translation. Altavista and Google are responsible.

Posted by: Paul Grave at December 2, 2004 06:56 PM

I noticed that since if you check for updates it gives an error saying something about firefox encounterd problems while checking for updates, and translate is listed as the one causing problems.
I noticed that someone else had this problem, read the comments at the update.mozilla.org page.
This problem also occurs with smoothwheel, kind of annoying, any idea what causes it?

Posted by: imnotgivingmyemail at December 4, 2004 05:34 PM

I think I've fixed the update checking problem. Try redownloading

Posted by: Paul Grave at December 4, 2004 06:01 PM

great extension
works fine with FF 1.0
it would be useful if the translated site could come back on a new tab (like it does when you translate a word or a phrase)

good job thanks...

Posted by: v_kons at December 4, 2004 06:40 PM

If you go to update.mozilla.org you can only install the version, so i get an error installing it on firefox 1.0. If you are responsible for updating the extension, could you please fix this? thanks :)

Look here:

Posted by: Thomas at December 5, 2004 03:41 PM


I wish you would make this thing translate Norwegian into English because everyone up here in Norway has a computer.....I think, it has the highest proportion of people in the world who speak Norwegian/English and use computers.


Posted by: Jesse at December 5, 2004 05:03 PM


If you want Norwegian, you'll have to ask Altavista and/or Google to sort something out. When they do, I'll happily add Norwegian to my extension.

Posted by: Paul Grave at December 5, 2004 05:24 PM

I'm not sure why is having trouble with install. Anyway, Translate should be appearing soon @ UMO.

Posted by: Paul Grave at December 5, 2004 05:31 PM

Fantastic, another job well done. Just like magic.
Thank You

Posted by: George at December 5, 2004 07:48 PM

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